The beginning of the weekend calls for a bash! But how can one be part of a Friday-night fiesta when they are suffering from a case of constipation? Some of the symptoms that mark the onset of constipation are -

You suddenly lose all your appetite

A bout of dizziness sets in

Your stomach starts to rumble and ache

A feeling of nausea creeps in

Fortunately, this can be prevented. Here are some simple tips and tricks to help you do exactly that.

Preventing constipation


Eat fibre-rich food – Dietary fibre in food helps ease bowel movements and heals damage in the bowel region. This helps in controlling constipation.

Do not forget to drink plenty of water – From bolstering digestive juices in the body to breaking down excess food particles, water is highly invaluable when it comes to digestion; which is why, drinking at least 2 liters of water every day is a must.

Exercise daily – Exercise and physical activities help improve blood circulation in the body. This allows food to be digested and excreted more easily.

Mistakes to avoid at all cost when treating constipation


As is the case, timely treatment and preventive measures are a definite treatment for constipation. However it may be noted that sometimes mistakes arise during constipation treatment. Here’s how to avoid constipation in the first place-

Avoid drinking too much alcohol

Try not skipping workouts

Keep a check on what you ingest

Take your remedies in the right dosage

These are some of the most common reasons that are likely to cause constipation. This is why, one must be extra careful to avoid these mistakes. A good way to avoid the whole constipation fiasco once and for all is to get the necessary constipation treatment. Some of the most definite among them include-

Fibre supplement injection

Stimulant therapy

Osmotic treatment

Biofeedback sessions

Surgical treatment

It is important to keep away from illnesses such as constipation. However, given our lifestyle, it cannot be avoided at times. For all those times you get constipated, Kabzend comes to your rescue.

Why not just take constipation remedy medication?


Undergoing through all those treatments might be a hassle for you. Not to mention that their cost will definitely punch a hole through your pocket. So what is the workaround for this?

It’s easy, get a constipation remedy! What’s better? A constipation remedy that has all-natural, Ayurvedic ingredients such as-

Rose Petal



A recommendation for such a constipation remedy is Kabzend.

So, be it a Friday night bash or an office lunch, constipation will be the farthest thing you would be bothered about.

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