Constipation can be a painful and irritating experience that hinders the process of waste excretion from the body. In medical terms, it is a condition in which a person experiences less than three bowel movements per week. However, in severe cases, the common constipation symptoms can get worse and limit the bowel movement to one per week. 

According to medical experts, if the respective symptoms persist for more than three months, it might be a case of chronic constipation. It is further claimed that constipation can have major effects on one’s body and digestive system. More commonly, these problems become prevalent in places where the stool leaves the body.

Here are some effects of constipation on the human body:




During constipation, people put in a lot of pressure and stress to defecate. This may cause swelling of veins around the rectum and anus, resulting in a condition known as hemorrhoids or piles. According to medical experts, the condition can cause swelling of veins externally (under the skin around the anus) or internally (lining of the anus or rectum). Hemorrhoids are itchy and painful and can cause bleeding during bowel movements. They may further cause skin tags, blood clots and infections.         

Torn Skin (Anal Fissures)


Straining and pressure during constipation increases the risk of Anal Fissures. It is a condition in which passing of hard and dry lumps of stool tears the tissues around the anus. It can make constipation symptoms worse while resulting in itching, pain and bleeding. Although these tears are usually small, they can grow larger to further affect the muscle rings at the anus opening, if timely medical attention isn’t provided.    

Fecal Impaction


Medical experts claim that prolonged case of constipation increases the risk of fecal impaction. It is a high risk condition in which the stool gets accumulated in the intestine to form a hard lump. This causes a blockage and makes constipation worse. It can further cause pain and vomiting while leading to other health problems pertaining to the digestive system. Abdominal pain, stomach bloating and nausea are some significant symptoms of fecal impaction.  



Fatigue is one of the major problems associated with constipation. According to medical experts, it can be an indication of an underlying health problem. In many cases, constipation can also cause fatigue due to malnutrition.    

Prolonged constipation can result in various physical complications while hampering the mental state of an individual. Thus, it is important to get instant constipation relief by undergoing ayurvedic treatment for constipation or by consuming a natural laxative, KABZEND before the related problems become epidemic.

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