Constipation is certainly one of those medical conditions that you do not want at any time. Imagine having the urge to go to the washroom and relieve, but then you find out that nothing is happening. You think that it was just another one of those false alarms and dismiss your urge before stepping out of the washroom.

But as you go about your way, the same thing repeats itself. And so the loop goes on and on.

Constipation – a brief about it


If we go by the dictionary definition – constipation is a condition where an individual faces difficulty in emptying his or her bowels, followed by hardening of feces.

Let’s see what exactly happens here–

Improper food intake and accumulation of microbes renders the colon tract inflexible.

Due to this, undigested food does not pass freely.

Subsequently, the person faces difficulty in releasing the waste.

As a result, a person might encounter the urge to release semi-solid bodily waste from his but is unable to do so. This might cause–

Abdominal pain

Stomach rumbling

Loss of appetite

But do not worry, this can be remedied easily.

Before we see how to remedy constipation, we must try to discern what exactly causes it. Let us take a look at some of the main reasons why constipation occurs.

What causes constipation?


Less water intake -Water is not just instrumental in getting rid of body toxins, it also helps in breaking down food and as a result, aids in digestion. This is why it is highly preferable to drink at least 2 litres of water daily.

Poor diet – Food intake accounts for all the necessary body nutrition. Fibre is particularly helpful in regulating colon movements. This makes it particularly important in treating constipation.  

Stress – Stress affects digestive metabolism functions like bowel movements. This helps in easing up the colon tract and facilitate easy waste product discharge.

Certain medications – Medicines contain certain chemicals that may cause adverse body reactions like allergies, which may subsequently lead to allergic reactions. These are likely to lead to constipation.

Lack of exercise - Physical activities such as running, exercising, etc. enhance body metabolic activities, which subsequently aid in digestion of food. That’s why, a lack of it may prove to be detrimental.

Some Precautions to Avoid Constipation


As widespread as it is, constipation can be prevented by adopting a thorough and well-planned series of steps and measures. Here’s how you can get on with it –

Drink plenty of water – In addition to removing impurities, water allows the colon tract to become more flexible. This subsequently helps in alleviating constipation.

Eat plenty of fibre-rich food – Fibre helps you ease up the bowel movements. This facilitates process of excretion and as a result, helps clear your large intestinal tract.

Take part in regular physical activities – Physical activities enhance body metabolism activities such as blood circulation. This helps in revitalizing the colon tract and adds to the ease of excretion.

Do not resist the urge to take a trip to the lavatory - Whenever you have constipation and you get the urge to go to the washroom, do not resist it. Be careful, sitting in the washroom for a long time may worsen your constipation.

Why should you prefer taking an all-natural Ayurvedic remedy?


All-natural Ayurvedic remedies pack 4 vital ingredients will that help you fight constipation-

Senna (stimulant laxative)

Yashtimadhu (ease of digestion)

Peppermint (muscle relaxant)

Rose Petal (antioxidant)


We must also consider the numerous benefits posed by all-natural anti-constipation remedies. These include–

Regular use

Easy availability

Helps strengthen immune system

Kabzend is one such anti-constipation remedy that helps fight off constipation (kabz) built-up in the stomach.  Taking Kabzend 2 hours after a meal with lukewarm water, you can ensure that you will be free from the effects of constipation for the whole day.

So whenever you catch sight of those delicious party foods like Mutton Biryani or Reshmi Kebab and want nothing more than to stuff your mouth with them, but are afraid of getting constipated; remember that all it would take is a dose of Kabzend to put an end to it.


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