Constipation is a fairly common digestive disorder, typically triggered by unhealthy eating habits and bad lifestyle. It is a physical condition that impedes the functioning of the digestive system and makes defecation an annoying and undesirable experience. It is an eventual result of excess absorption of water from the stool due to the slow movement of food in the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract). 

Constipation Causes and Symptoms


As mentioned earlier, constipation is primarily a result of unhealthy lifestyle and bad food behaviours. Insufficient physical activity, consumption of low-fibre diet, sudden increase in fibre intake, etc. are some of the primary factors that can cause severe discomfort with respect to defecation. 
According to medical experts, less than three bowel movements per week along with excretion of dry (and hard) stools are some of the most common symptoms of constipation. Furthermore, patients may also experience gas problems and stomach bloating along with a feeling of fullness when constipated. 

Fortunately, the physical ailment can be easily treated with ayurvedic constipation medicines or with the consumption of the best laxatives for constipation in India like KABZEND. Furthermore, people can also use certain essential oils for relieving the condition. 

Here are some essential oils that can help people deal with constipation:

Ginger oil


Ginger is a well-known household remedy for nausea and upset stomach. For instance, it is listed as highly beneficial for digestive health in the ancient Chinese and Indian medicinal sciences. Ginger oil has digestive stimulatory effects that can aid in increasing gastric motility, which may further prevent and treat constipation. 

Fennel oil


Fennel seeds are powerful digestive stimulants that act as laxatives when ingested. According to a research, they can help people with various digestive ailments including constipation. One can either apply fennel oil to the abdomen area or inhale it (using) with a diffuser.     

Peppermint oil


Peppermint essential oil possesses antispasmodic properties and serves well in treating constipation. It helps in relaxing the muscles in the digestive tract that eventually aids in the bowel movement. Moreover, it is also known to reduce inflammation, which is a major contributor to irregular bowel movements.      

Lemon oil


Lemon oil contains various strong antioxidants that can improve digestion while reducing inflammation simultaneously. It encourages smooth and optimal digestive system functioning and can help people get rid of constipation. For instance, a study claims that using lemon oil in aromatherapy can improve digestion significantly.  

Black pepper oil


Black pepper oil is highly effective in reducing inflammation. It helps in preventing the build-up of waste or gas in the stomach and serves as a great remedy for constipation.   

Though essential oils are great for relieving constipation, it is important to use them with precaution and after medical consultation. People are also suggested to mix the above-mentioned essential oils with carrier oils (coconut or almond oil) before applying it to the abdominal area. They can also be used with diffusers (for inhaling).

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