There is no denying that city life has its own charm that can even turn the mundane into something magical. Better job prospects, better infrastructure, better healthcare etc. are some reasons that are known to attract people however, just as there are two sides to every coin, the urban lifestyle in India has its own set of issues, most notably health issues such as constipation. A survey by a leading healthcare company has found that about 14% of people in Urban India suffer from chronic constipation.

What are the symptoms of Chronic Constipation?

The person is unable to pass motion more than three times a week. Other symptoms include unusually hard stools, the need to strain extremely hard to evacuate movements, the sensation of incomplete evacuation, or the sensation of intestinal obstruction. In severe circumstances, the individual may develop issues such as incontinence, haemorrhoids and anal fissures.

What causes Chronic Constipation in Urban India?

Constipation is a digestive issue where the waste material or the stool moves slowly via the large intestine and remains in the gut for an extended amount of time, causing acute pain and discomfort.  A person may be subject to constipation for a number of reasons, including:

  • Poor Diet

Urban life has led to increased consumption of quicker meals such as burgers, fried, etc. that are low in fiber and high in fat. Since they have no nutritional value, they considerably slow down the digestive system and increase the likelihood of constipation.

  • Sedentary lifestyle

Staying in a sitting position or not moving around for long periods of time heightens the risk of constipation as it reduces the body’s metabolic rate and hinders stool passage.

  • Dehydration

If you consume less water than you need, your body will try to compensate by absorbing it through waste. This causes the stools to become dry or difficult to pass, resulting in constipation.

  • Physical Inactivity

This is one of the main culprits of constipation. Physical inactivity decreases blood flow to the digestive system, making it difficult to absorb fluids and pass feces.

Going Ayurvedic is the way to go!

If returning to basics such as intake of fiber-rich diet, regular exercise and so on doesn’t work, then Kabzend is the ultimate trusted solution. A unique Ayurvedic remedy for constipation that is highly effective in naturally curing the nagging issue.  It is infused with 12 herbal ingredients, including Senna leaves, Haritaki, and Yashtimadhu, which stimulates intestinal linings and results in a stimulant laxative action, as well as relief from gas and acidity. The best thing is that it has no side effects and gives comfort in a short period of time.
Directions for use: Take one teaspoonful (5gms) with lukewarm water/milk after a meal at bedtime.
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