Constipation is a common problem that many people face in their day-to-day lives. According to medical experts, constipation initiates irregularity with the bowel movements and limits it to 3 or less per week. In some cases, a person may suffer from severe constipation and experience only one bowel movement in a week.

According to health experts, people can relieve their gut condition naturally with home remedies and implementing some lifestyle changes. However, it is important to apprehend the various constipation causes and symptoms first. It is claimed that while primary constipation is typically caused by lifestyle alterations, secondary constipation could be a result of underlying diseases.     

Here are some common causes of constipation that make defecation an irritating experience: 


1. Lack of fibre in the diet


Fibre is a type of non-digestible carbohydrate that adds bulk to the stool and improves its consistency. However, lack of fibre in the diet can lead to the formation of dry, small and hard stool pieces that can make defecation an irritating experience. Thus, people should ensure that they consume a fibre-rich diet as it is highly beneficial for gut health. According to nutrition experts, most of the fibre-rich foods contain a mixture of insoluble and soluble fibres in varying proportions. Apples, pears, whole grains, beans, green vegetables, etc. are some of the best food choices one can make to relieve constipation.       

2. Changes in routine


Changes in daily routine and toilet habits often triggers constipation in people. For instance, people often face difficulties with bowel movements when they are travelling. Travelling disrupts the sleeping time, eating time, and toilet routine of the people that increases the risk of the respective gut problem.  

3. Lack of physical activity


Physical inactivity is one of the primary causes of constipation. According to medical experts, human intestine has a natural motion that moves the stool forward and encourages easy passage. However, inactivity can hamper this motion and disrupt the stool’s movement to cause constipation. Thus, it is essential to indulge in physical activities like running, swimming, cycling, or even yoga to keep the body and digestive system in a healthy shape.       

4. Medication side-effects


People who use medication regularly may experience constipation as a side-effect. According to medical experts, antacids, iron supplements, anti-depressants, sedatives, calcium supplements, and various other over-the-counter drugs can impact the gut health. Thus, it is important to consume medications after consulting a medical professional only. Furthermore, people can also decide on ayurvedic treatment for constipation or consume the best natural laxatives for constipation like KABZEND to get relief from the condition.    

Apart from the above-mentioned causes, constipation can also be a result of pregnancy, weight gain, urge ignorance, and other medical conditions. Thus, it is extremely important to visit a doctor if the problem persists.

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