Senna (Cassia Angustifolia) is an ayurvedic herbal medicine made from the leaves, flowers, and fruits of flowering plants in the legume family. It is allegedly originated from the dry and hot areas of Africa like Egypt, but is grown all around the world in these modern times. For instance, there are nearly 200 different species of Senna found globally. However, Cassia Angustifolia, also known as Indian Senna or Alexandrian Senna, is largely sourced from the Indian subcontinent.

Senna is an over-the-counter medication that is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use. It is typically recommended and marketed as a laxative, weight loss aid, and detoxifying agent. 

How does Senna work?

Senna comprises of chemicals known as sennosides that irritate the bowel lining and initiate a laxative effect. Sennosides are recognized as stimulant laxatives. Thus, they help in keeping water in the intestines that further encourages stool movement in the gastrointestinal tract. Moreover,it is also helpful in relieving constipation causes and symptoms

Uses of Senna

Apart from being a popular ayurvedic medicine for constipation, senna is also used for clearing out bowels before diagnostic tests like colonoscopy. Colonoscopy is a medical examination conducted for detecting changes or abnormalities in the large intestine and rectum.   

Moreover, various studies have concluded that senna is also effective in treating serious health concerns like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), anal fissures, and haemorrhoids. However, the effectiveness of the herb in the respective procedures is a subject to more evidences and research.     

Is it safe to take Senna every day?

Regular consumption of Senna is safe for most adults, only when taken for a short-term. Misusing the herb can lead to some minor side-effects like stomach discomfort, cramps, nausea, and weakness. Thus, for a safer side, it is always better to consult a doctor before taking any Senna supplements.    

How to consume Senna?

Senna tea is one of the best ways of consuming the ayurvedic herb. It is safe and possibly the best ayurvedic treatment for constipation. However, long-term use of senna is not recommended. In case digestive problems persist for more than a week, people are suggested to stop consuming senna and consult a medical professional instead. 

Senna is a magical herb that is highly beneficial for alleviating constipation, reducing bloating, and promoting healthy digestion. In fact, it is one of the main ingredients used in the best laxatives for constipation in India like KABZEND, a natural and unique ayurvedic-based formula for all your Kabz-related problems. 

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