A healthy stomach is the vital key that ensures a wholesome and happy life. According to health experts, stomach-related problems such as constipation, indigestion, diarrhoea, heart burn, etc. can often put people in an undesirable and irritating situation. They not only cause physical discomfort but also adversely affect one’s mood and behaviour.

For instance, constipation or irregular bowel movement limits the defecation process to 3 or less per week. In cases of chronic constipation, people may experience only one bowel movement per week. This often makes them feel highly stressed and anxious.

While chronic constipation requires immediate medical attention, the problem of common constipation can be resolved easily with ayurvedic medicines for constipation or with safe natural laxatives like KABZEND. However, since prevention is better than cure, people should ensure that their stomach is always in good health. 

Here are some of the natural ways to keep your stomach in sound health:


1. Always try to eat healthy 


Medical experts believe that stomach health primarily depends on a person’s food habits and food choices. As per nutritional experts, unhealthy (fatty) and fried foods can alleviate the constipation symptoms and causes whereas healthy veggies, fresh fruits and whole grain food items can improve the digestion. Some healthy food habits that can improve your stomach health include:

i. Increase your daily intake of dietary fibres, both soluble and insoluble. Fibres are gut-friendly nutrients that encourage bowel movement. However, it is to be noted that people should increase their fibre intake gradually.

ii. Limit the consumption of foods that are high in fats as they are difficult to digest. People are suggested to increase their consumption of proteins as it can make them feel full and aid in avoiding overeating scenarios.     

iii. People should include probiotics in their daily diet. Probiotics are gut-friendly bacteria that keep the stomach in good health by fighting against the effects of poor diet and stress.

iv. Always chew the food properly before swallowing. It makes the breaking down of food in the stomach easier. 

Furthermore, people are also suggested to develop and follow an eating routine, i.e. they should eat food at set times daily.


2. Keep your stomach cool


Stomach heat is another common gut ailment that affects people due to adverse food behaviour. It is a condition during which faster digestion results in excessive heat production in the stomach. However, it can be treated easily with natural remedies. Medical experts suggest people to consume yogurt, boiled rice (bland), coconut water, and cooling herbs like peppermint or chamomile (tea) for getting relief.


3. Increase your water intake


Dehydration is a result of improper water intake and a chief cause of constipation and stomach heat. Thus, people are essentially required to drink appropriate amount of water (at least 8 glasses) during the day.   

Apart from the above-mentioned ways, health experts also suggest people to indulge in a regular exercising routine. Exercises such as yoga, cardio, etc. are known to stimulate the bowel movement and ensure overall body fitness.

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